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Track & field gold medalist and world-record holder Butch Reynolds is one of Akron, Ohio’s finest athletes. But his reputation and career took a debilitating hit when the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) falsely accused him of using performance-enhancing drugs, costing him the 1992 Olympic Games.

As a rising star in college track at The Ohio State University, Akron-born Butch Reynolds had his eye on one ambitious goal: to break the world record for the 400 meter dash. In 1988 Reynolds did just that, making international headlines when he eviscerated the long-standing record by over half a second. That same year he went on to win a silver medal and a gold medal in the 1988 Summer Olympic Games. At the age of 24, Reynolds was on top of the world with money, fame, and a bright future ahead of him… until he tested positive for steroids. Exploring the botched drug test, false accusation, and subsequent cover-up that threatened to destroy Reynolds’ promising career, FALSE POSITIVE is an incredible documentary that captures resilience, grace, and courage in its highest forms


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